Watertown’s Riverside Painting going to Virginia

Looking of the bridge at Riverside Park

30" X 36" acrylic on canvas finished in 2010

This painting will be heading to a customer in Amissville, Virginia

It is the third painting for this customer, a happy one

The painting took a while to finish. When I am active, like when I stand and paint I push the pain levels.

That in turn creates rapid exhaustion because of the heart. I usually do not notice until I slow or stop and take a break.

The tell signs are; all of a sudden I’m loosing my voice, feeling of exhaustion, and then I realize the pain level has gone way up.

So I stop. After several times in that pattern, it’s hard to get back to it.

I’m painting more smaller paintings, it’s a fair bit better.

But I need to paint every day.

I have another one I finished a couple of weeks ago……….

……….to post another day.


oooops, let’s start over

oooops, starting this over

My wife, quite correctly, said I needed to start over. Starting a light chat is the way to go, she said.

Once again, she was right.

So I’ll just speak a bit about the paintings that were already here in front of me, and go from there.

Honey Pot – 6″ x 8″ – oil on board

The little Honey Pot painting below was done in 2003 and sold in 2007.

This was one of those kind of paintings you do as an exercise to get warmed up,

but end up really liking. So, I was very pleased when one of my

sister in laws really liked it and bought the little thing in 2007.

Evening Pond – 48″ x 60″ – acrylic on canvas

Evening Pond, the painting above, is one that was started at

the last out door show I was able to do, only because my wife and children

helped. I decided to paint instead of sit in a chair at the booth,

see pictures below.

Booth picture #1

You can see that I mounted my own homemade easel directly to the canvas.

After all, it was 4 foot by 5 foot. Let me show you more.

Painting at mid day

Above you can see that I mounted my own homemade easel directly to the canvas.

Booth with the painting close to the art fair day’s end

This last picture was taken about at the end of the day, for the any way. We still

had to take it all down, pack it up, bring it home and unload it all.

Back to the painting, it was finished a couple of days later.

I will close here for today.

Thanks for your graciousness.

Till we post again……………………..

Latest painting, different than usual. But…

Put up a couple drawing I had done years back

Hopefully Starting this blog back up too!